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About grafikAmerica

grafikAmerica is a family owned company specializing in pressroom systems for rotogravure, flexographic, and offset printing. In addition to supplying these systems grafikAmerica also has a dedicated staff of technicians to service and install these systems. In addition, our parts department can supply any replacements you may need. We stand ready to meet your pressroom needs, and maintain our systems’ operation.


Ecosystem Construzioni Laminating Systems:
A new way to laminate with solvent-less water based adhesives. Options available in wet/dry lamination.


Elettra Drum cleaning system:
Full width, in production cleaning. Excellent wash results, the lowest running costs, easy installation and use, low environmental impact: these are the main features of Elettra.


Eltex Elektrostatik GmbH:
Industry leader in electrostatic applications, including electrostatic printing assist, ribbon tacking, chill tacking, and web remoistening.


Grafikontrol Press control systems:
Top of the line register control, defect detection, closed loop color control, ribbon register


GAMA Viscosity Controls
GAMA viscosity control:
Automatic ink viscosity controls, self cleaning and rinsing. No mechanical movement. Precise and consistent control.



N.I.R.A. New Instruments and Research for Analysis:
State of the art L.E.L. controls and high speed analysis of residual solvents in printed substrate. Precise solvent analysis providing production safety and efficiency and guarantees product quality.