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Color Register Control

Grafikontrol CR34


The CR34 is the latest generation of color register control from Grafikontrol designed to be integrated with the printing press’s electronics. At the design level the system features a modular and readily expandable structure, with each printing unit being monitored by an independent control module mounted inside the control panel. Operator interface is via a video touch screen. The graphics make the system simple to use and learn.

The CR34 has been designed with the best electronic technology currently available. New software enables the system to automatically select the most suitable correction algorithm for the dynamic condition of the press. This reduces waste during start-up, acceleration, roll changes and restarts.


Key Technical Features:
  • Advanced mark recognition
  • LED light source
  • Totally automatic startup
  • Programmable sequence/size of marks
  • Processing with every cylinder revolution
  • Programmable thresholds
  • Display in real time
  • Job storage
  • Production management
  • Production analysis
  • Remote diagnostics
  • Cylinder presets
  • Motorization of the scanning heads